Tuesday, 28 May 2013

LUSH! And the way it smells…


A post for Abi, who has been accepted as a minion into the ultimate temple o' smells.

My first experience of Lush was back in sixth form, when Retro products were still on shelves and generally a lot cheaper heh heh. I remember being blown away by the friendly staff (most of them hippies), how edible everything looked and most of all...The Smell. It became my obsession.

You can literally sniff out a city's Lush shop from the next street, or enchant/offend your entire office with their unmistakable whiff. Here are my three favourite perfumes by the great fragrant one:

Icon is the ultimate goth perfume. It smells like a Victorian funeral procession, Lord Byron's tears, and fresh orange incense all rolled into one. It also contains Jesus' fave myrrh  which gives it a mysterious eastern edge. You could use it to disguise the smell of that corpse you've been hiding.

Oh my! Lust is the big, bold whore of the Lush perfume counter. It's like a cat on heat, rolling around in a sweaty pile of jasmine and rose petals, and is known to make men's trousers explode. It smells warm and sexy, but also very playful and young. My fella loves this one because I used it to seduce him. Purr.

This smells like a spicy orange who's found himself transported back to the 1960s. It starts off sharp and almost medicinal, but deepens into a patchouli, pine and citrus festival in a forest. Your liking of this perfume probably depends on your liking of hippies. Like all Lush perfumes, it lasts bloody ages.

While I'm at it, here's a brief sniffing of my errr, modest collection...

Grass -- funnily enough, this smells like freshly cut grass

Popcorn -- smells like sweet buttered toast

Dream Cream -- smells like herby porridge

Smitten -- smells like it's gone off (must chuck)

Each Peach -- smells like a hula hula dancer

Candy Mountain -- smells like a happy toddler

Silky Underwear -- smells like a jasmine ghost

Shimmy Shimmy -- smells like strawberries and cream

Sex Bomb -- smells like a lovely day in bed

Snow Fairy -- smells like Princess Bubblegum

Snowcake -- smells like Smitten should (almondy)

Colour Supplement -- smells like nothing really

So there they are! I'm a whopping fan of Lush's skin and body products, but I'm slightly cautious as my skin is very temperamental (or just mental), so fragrance and essential oils aren't always the best thing for it. Paula's Choice does however just sound like a bitter nag.

Below is a perfume I would never want to wear, but I'd rather like to smell it just the once. 

On that note, there are a few Lush soaps that smell a bit cummy (I'm looking at YOU Fresh Farmacy), but we'll just ignore that won't we.