Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Space, the final frontier."

Me and my parents are currently trekking (oh GOD) through the second series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. "Elementary, dear Data" involves the crew hanging out with Professor Moriarty on a Sherlock Holmes themed holodeck. Moriarty realises he isn't actually real; getting all sad and deciding not to cause havoc with his weird steampunk machine -- and it's crumpets all round. The secrets of space are so much clearer to me now.

Oh what is happening. I still get misty-eyed and nostalgic about Trek, probably from when I watched it as a child and thought the painted polystyrene was real rock. Galaxy Quest has it bang on; it's a lot dafter than I remember! There's a Robin Hood one I believe.

Also, at junior school, our maths teacher used to play us the theme tune as we were getting ready for class, and we'd sing "Welcome to Numeracy Hour, Planet Pythagoras here we come, dun dun dun dun!". I don't know if this was actually in the curriculum, (or if it was just something the top set did, maybe the bottom set had Red Dwarf, JOKE), but I hope they still do it because it made me loathe maths less.

Continuing the space theme...

Snippet of 'A Trip to the Moon', a short film from 1902, hand-coloured and with music by AIR.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ecstatic about Cabin.

I think The Cabin in the Woods is my new favourite film. It left me gaping in awe and joy, mouthing “YES” a lot — which is always a good sign! Not having watched the trailer, or sneaked online and ruined it for myself like I normally do, I was expecting an average shitty teen horror flick. How wrong I was! I can’t do justice to the amount of chaos and awesome that was unleashed. I’d have to ruin the twisty turny plot (think Evil Dead meets The Truman Show) for a decent review, so just go see it won’t ya?


The film adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstacy is doing pretty abysmally in the film review department, which is a shame; I really liked the book. To be fair though, they chose the most boring novella in it; the one that’s a bit like Trainspotting but not quite as good (which is how the film’s being hailed incidentally), instead of the funny and shocking one with necrophilia and bits of period drama, or the brutal and shocking one with disability and all the gruesome violence. More screen-friendly I guess, and subtle? Or just crap? Would still like to see it and make up my own mind..

Danny Boyle must be so happy about this.

I’m so tempted to buy Cabin’s visual companion for more concept art, monsters and Joss Whedon times. Beneath my quiet exterior there seems to lie a raging appetite for destruction, oh well.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Scarborough castle, graves, dolls...

Clock Cafe

Meanwhile, in Whitby.

Scarborough Castle

Lovely grave (think it’s Victorian, those death-sessed romantics). Her husband was buried in the same grave a while after, Woman in Black much. I know, I take the happiest holiday photos.

Falling in love with "Petronius" the Roman soldier, on the castle audio guide.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Are friends electric.

Whenever I go on my hols/somewhere the internet isn't perfect, I realise I'm a practically a cyborg and get overly anxious if my signal goes on the blink. It's like that little loading animation is the beating of my heart, and if it doesn't work properly I drown.

Should I just sign up for virtual reality, be like that artist Stelarc ("the human body is obsolete") and have a telephone implanted in my own face or something.

Maybe I’m programmed No Signal = Get Fired.

In other news, Camilla's CD of folktronica sure makes everything alright!

Pop tarts are triangular.

Madonna, showing how triangles should be worn. It appears that Rihanna’s fond of them too, are you a Freemason, or perhaps one of the Illuminati Rihanna? Do you live in a pyramid? Are you dating Horus?

Also, please museum can I have these please.

Monday, 9 April 2012

"Magic Roundabout" collages.

A group project at uni. We’d decided to make an advertising campaign for an art festival on Nottingham’s BBC roundabout. 

Above are some of the guests who would've turned up.

These were the camping and leisure facilities available.

Aaand, I GO ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW! I’d say goodbye, but I’ll be taking my laptop with me because I’m a money-grabbing workaholic.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Horrible realisation.

I missed schmoozing with the art scene more than I thought.

I really do live in the middle of nowhere.

Free wine gives me a headache.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Some facts about me yeah.

Hey I'm Nat. I hate cats. I'm an outgoing, grounded sort of girl and don't have time for any of that art shit. I love romantic comedies. My hobbies include celebs, shouting and ringtones. Feminism is for dykes. Mozart was rubbish. I'm sexy and I know it. I want a muscly man who'll sweat testosterone and bring me diamonds to eat. I burn comics. I could murder a steak. I would like to be a footballer's wife but also maybe a model or an escort to footballers. Footballers. My humps.