Sunday, 19 November 2017

Did you die?

Is blogging dead too?

I hope not, but social media made blogging redundant for a “casual” blogger like me. I found it easier to stick a few photos/words on Facebook or Twitter, rather than spend time fleshing out a big beautiful blog post about my week.

Why are you doing a blog post then?

I write about law now! To remedy this, I have joined a writers' group and write weird fiction in my spare time. Social media posts aren’t very satisfying - I want to torture my three followers on Blogger with some long reads.

What delightful things can we expect?

Just the usual boring stuff I used to blog about. Television programmes, beauty products, what I like for dinner etc. You may also get some mildly interesting stuff like book reviews and local event write ups (I live in a city now!).

Is that it then?

Yes, that’s it. I am a world famous blogger once again.

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